Sunday, 28 February 2010

For Adolfs Only

Welcome to my maiden voyage into the world of blogging. Last summer I had the opportunity to scan a number of vintage punk fanzines from Mich Jones' personal collection. This was all thanks to the Rock'n'roll Public Library project, which put various bits of memorabilia, ephemera and clutter from Mick Jones' lock-up on display and provided a scanner for patrons of their library.

When I first got to the exhibit/library, after admiring Mick Jones' B.A.D. baseball jacket and his collection of 'Only Fools and Horses' VHS videos I discovered a massive pile of 1970s punk fanzines on a bottom shelf. My heart raced as I sifted through three huge piles of fanzines, mostly from Britain, but from all over the world. I've never seen so many vintage fanzines in such good condition all in one place. Unlike records, very few fanzines seem to have survived the intervening years - most I imagine fell apart in harrington jacket pockets, were left on trains or thrown out at a later date by wives and mothers. Faced with far more fanzines than I could ever read, I tried my best to scan as many of them as possible, and only managed about fifty. Another patron from the library scanned a further 12, which he kindly e-mailed to me. So from this hodge-podge assortment of 70s punk fanzines I'll be posting around one a week for the coming year.

To start things off is an entire fanzine devoted to West London's the Valves. Enjoy!

Download here

EDIT: the Valves are from Edinburgh, I've started this blog off with a schoolboy error. Got confused by them singing about (not) surfing in Portobello

EDIT 2: link fixed


  1. Hi Nat,

    it's Si from the rock n' roll public library - would you adam and eve it! what an extraordinary coincidence - I too have just this week gotten around to launching a fanzine blog.

    Doubt I'll keep pace with the excellent Punkishippies and Sned's 80s UK Zine Archive - but if we keep plugging away we may between ourselves eventually achieve something approaching a definitive archive of punk fanzines.

    Anyway, well done for getting it together.

    Will be in touch.

    Meantime, check out:

    Best wishes

  2. Zines from the personal collection of Mich Jones! This is great. It is always great to see new zine-blogs!!
    Keep on posting, I'll be checking back for new uploads! Thanks for sharing and good luck with the new blog!

    ps. May I suggest converting the jpg (picture) files to a single pdf file? It is easier to open and read. There are plenty of free tools that do that automatically.

  3. Hey Nathaniel,

    Who the fuck is James Callaghan? Very confusing title.

    This is a very cool project. Good on ya. After I type this, I will become a "follower," as we nerds say in the blogosphere...


    PS: Speaking of zines, the Toronto Zine Library is in possession of your copy of 30 Second Felch, so stop harrassing Matt for it. I'll get it back from them and see to it that it is safely returned to you this year at some point. All my fault. Sorry.

  4. Hey Tara, James Callaghan was prime minister in the late 70s, right before Margaret Thatcher. Doesn't really roll off the tongue, I know.

    I managed to get a new copy of that 30 Second Felch last year (my third so far) so consider it a donation to the Toronto Zine Library.

  5. Can you re-up this one? thanks