Monday 11 June 2012

Rotten to the Core # 6

Glam rock!  Finally!

Download here.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Ripped and Torn #7

Download here
EDIT: link is acting up so changed it

Massive lot of Re-Ups

 I've fixed the links for:

Non-LP B-Side # 7 

Live Wire # 7

Negative Reaction # 4

No Fun # 3 

Negative Reaction # 2

Kingdom Come # 14 

Inside Out # 7

Fair Dukes # 2  

Heat # 4

Gabba Gabba Hey #3

Bombsite # 2

Big Star # 3

Big Star # 2 

For Adolfs Only

Panache # 5

 I hope that covers everything. If not, please continue to comment when links are dead.  I'll try not to go so long without checking.




Tuesday 1 May 2012

Private World # 3

Another Belfast fanzine, this has a cool Rudi live review.

Download here.

Monday 20 February 2012


Just figured out how to see what comments I've received and it seems like a lot of my links are dead (and have been for a very long time). I've re-upped a couple, please lemme know if anything else needs uploading. I will be running a tighter ship from here on in.

Panache # 8

Apologies for the incredibly long delay, kinda forgot about this blog business. I still have about 15 more 'zines to post so stay tuned. This one features an anti-powerpop editorial, the Adverts and an interview with the Visitors, who I believe where Tenpole Tudor's first band.

Download here.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Panache # 5

Features an interview with Ian North of Neo, although there's no mention of his previous band Milk'n'Cookies, he does discuss the guitarist of the Fast being asexual.

Download here.