Thursday, 3 June 2010

Back Door Man # 8

Change of pace here with this powerpop-oriented fanzine from Torrence, California. Features the Raspberries (!), Dwight Twilley and Flamin' Grooves among other things.

Download here

EDIT: Link fixed

EDIT 20/02/11: New link to replace dead zshare one


  1. This is f'ing amazing. I am going to put off dinner to read this!!

    Just in time for my obsession with BOC's "Tyranny and Mutation."

  2. Nathaniel!! When I try to download this, it takes me to the Zip Vinyls download page!!! Please fix, pronto!!!

  3. Sorry, I suck at blogging. Link fixed anyhow.

  4. Thanks!! Loved the little piece on the Raspberries, and weirdly appreciated that they gave Don't Fear the Reaper and The Boys are Back In Town better reviews than Blitzkreig Bop (!) and Cherry Bomb...

    A very bitchy fanzine. I dug it.

  5. Hi, Any chance you could reload this zine somewhere? The link to zshare is dead.. I know this was posted last year so maybe you're clearing out old stuff but it would be much appreciated!

    1. sorry just saw this. zine has been re-upped, I'm in the process of trying to replace all the dead links

    2. Nice one, thanks for fixing that